Project Description


A haiku for you:

          Rabid or zombie…

          Does it matter either way?

          Both will bite your face

Thank you, thank you. Fine literary work there. For reals.

In all seriousness, this cookie design definitely evolved as I decorated. Here is my original sketch:

I obviously missed my calling as a children’s book illustrator. Terrifying. 

My cookies ended up looking a bit different.

For these cookies, you will need:

  • Squirrel shaped cookies (I used the squirrel cutter of this set from Ikea)
  • Light brown icing (flood and outline)
  • Dark brown icing (flood and outline)
  • White icing (outline – I use a white food color to make the icing a brighter white)
  • Brown decorative sugar (I make my own by combining plain white sugar and food color in a ziploc bag – then mix!)
  • Food writer pen in black (I have this one)

Start with your squirrel cookies

Outline your cookies with the dark icing first (around the tail). I used a #1 tip, since it is a smallish cookie and I didn’t want a thick outline.

Next, outline the rest of the cookie in the light brown icing (make sure to make an open mouth with the outline).

Doesn’t he looks like James William Bottomtooth? In the area that the tail of the squirrel meets the body, I didn’t want a harsh line of definition. So, I put a little bit of each icing on either side of the divided areas and used a toothpick to blend them a bit. Like so:

Now, we’re ready to flood! Dark first:

Then light:

Let dry for several hours or overnight. I then added the details in white icing. After not being totally pleased with the teeth, I decided that rabid squirrels could be funny.

Now I wanted the tail to look fluffier, so I started by making a squigly/zig-zag line around the outline of the tail:

Before the icing dried, I carefully sprinkled my brown sugar over the outline (ok, I actually just dumped it on with a spoon – I’m too impatient for sprinkling).

It adds some nice texture, don’t you think? After everything was good and dried, I added details with my black food writer pen.

I decided against the ear details, but I think it would look nice too.

With their little paws stretched out, they kind of look like the wandering zombies to me – what do you think?

Do you know what rabid/zombie/killer squirrels cookies eat? Animal crackers, of course!

It’s a massacre! A yummy massacre.

Pure evil.