Project Description

I’m not a water sport person.

I spent lots of time on the water as a kid. My grandfather was a crabber and fishing was a pretty constant activity.

When your county is pretty much surrounded by water on three sides, you are automatically “rivah” folk.

And, while I like being “on” the water (boats, canoes, etc.), I don’t care for being “in” the water as much. Swimming pools are fine, with their artifically clear water. But once I can’t see the bottom clearly, all bets are off. I worry about stepping on a crab, stingray, or something else that could bite, scratch, maim, or otherwise injure me. Oh, and I worry about jelly fish. I’ve been stung many a time and it is an experience that I would prefer to avoid in my adult years.

As such, I’ve never been surfing. Everyone knows that where there are surfers, there are sharks.

With big teeth. All the better to bite your surfboards with, my dear.

Experience the thrill(?) of a shark attack from the safety of your kitchen with these fun cookies.


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • A surfboard cookie cutter (or hand cut)
  • A zig zag cutter – see what I used below!
  • 15-20 second icing in whatever colors you want (I used white, pink, orange, and blue)
  • Pastry bags, couplers, and #2 tips

1. Roll out your cookie dough. My Facebook/Instagram family may remember that I posted a picture with my pretty, speckled dough containing a special ingredient. It was a hit with the husband and I’ll be sharing soon!

2. Cut out the surfboard shape. I wanted a big, ‘ol bite taken out of my surfboards, with jagged edges.

Enter Mr. Porcupine, stage right (he’s from this set from Ikea).

You can also hand cut the zig zag if you want, but that would probably be a big pain. I warned ya!

3. Now, don’t be too upset with me…I don’t have any pictures of the decorating process. It was late at night and I knew the garish light from the kitchen would make it almost impossible to take a decent picture. I didn’t do anything too fancy though. I used the wet on wet technique, so after I outlined and flooded, I just went to town! Nothing planned, just wingin’ it.

For the pretty, small flower-ish ones, I used Callye’s super tutorial for Hawaiin shirts. Her tutorial is better than mine would be anyway, so go check it out!

For the big flowers, I just piped three small dots and petals around the center. Nothing fancy.

For the tye-dye ones, I piped various circles of colored icing and used a toothpick to drag through the icing to create the effect. See Glory’s tutorial for a better visual.

Here’s a tip though – if you want to outline in one color and fill with another, make sure that you DON’T outline the “bitten” section with the outline color. Otherwise it will look like a surfboard that is supposed to have a weird, jagged edge rather than a board that was attacked by a vicious shark.

So, there you have it. All the fun, none of the danger.