Project Description


To tell you the truth, I was super intimated when I decided to make a Twilight cookie. My first design attempt was a big, fat fail. Plus, so many bakers have already made really amazing Twilight cookies – like Sugarbelle, Ali Bee’s Bake Shop, and Donna Makes Cakes. You’ve probably noticed that the cookies I normally make can be kind of complicated (like this one), or take an inordinate amount of time (like this one). So, I decided to buck my complicated tendencies and create a simple, but striking cookie to celebrate the awesomeness of Twilight. Oh, and I’ll give you some tips for making these without using icing, just to make it even easier!


  • Circle shaped cookies
  • Black icing (flood and outline)
  • White icing (flood)
  • Chess candy mold (I used this one)
  • White chocolate or candy melts
  • Red candy melts
  • Squeeze bottle (optional, but makes everything a little easier!)

For these cookies, I basically made a chessboard pattern on the cookie and attached a candy chess piece.

To make the candy, here is what you need:

Follow the directions on your candy melt/chocolate package for melting. Don’t overheat! You may end up with a clumpy, seize-y mess.

Your candy should be smooth and glossy. Pour into a squeeze bottle, if using. I recommend it if you can. It makes the process much easier and they are super cheap.

Squeeze chocolate into each mold, being careful not to overfill.

You can scrape the mold with a spatula if you do overfill. Now tap the mold onto the counter to pop the air bubbles (see that bubble on the bishop? You don’t want those!).

Now, put the whole thing in the freezer for about 10 minutes (less or more depending on the size of your mold).

Mmm, frosty candy. Quickly turn over the mold and tap gently on the counter to release the pieces. Some may break. Such is life.

To make a 3D chess piece (which is not required to make these cookies), simply take two matching candies:

Add a little of the melted candy on the back and press together.

Easy peasy.

Now, for the cookie. Start with a circle shaped cookie:

If you have trouble piping straight lines, use a food writing pen to make lines on your cookie to trace.

I put the candy on the cookie while drawing my lines so that the design looked proportional.

Pipe the outline and interior lines with black icing:

Fill in the black sections with flood icing.

Wait a couple hours, then flood the remaining sections with white icing. Attach a candy chess piece with stiff royal icing and you’re done!

To make these cookies without icing, you could create a checkerboard cookie design using different colors of dough, like these. Using some concentrated dye, you can achieve beautiful colored dough (just like my Nyan cat cookies – look at those wonderful white eyes!). Then, simply attach the chess piece with more melted chocolate. It probably won’t be as strong of a hold as royal icing, but as long as you aren’t picking up the cookie by the chess piece, it should be fine. They’re meant to be devoured anyway!

So, are you excited for the next movie? I saw a teaser for it before The Hunger Games this past weekend and I’m pretty sure my husband was embarrassed by my reaction. Whatevs. I have no shame.