Project Description

The holiday season means a lot of things to me. Like, sweater weather. Twinkling lights. Hearing Christmas music in every store.  Finding the perfect gift. It also means holiday TV specials!

Every year, I make a list of all of the holiday TV specials that I MUST WATCH. Why the same list isn’t kept every year…I don’t know. I always seem to make a new one. It includes obscure ones that I have on DVD (like my two favorites: Garfield Christmas Special and Claymation Christmas – who doesn’t love the California Raisins? Am I right?…) The list also includes the evergreen favorites that are still on TV today, like Rudolph and Frosty.

And, of course, Charlie Brown!!

I had this elaborate plan to photoshop the auditorium background into this picture…before I remembered that I have no idea how to do it. I really tried, you guys, I swear. For like a whole hour. Then I decided my time would be better served making cookies. Story of my life. 

Anyway, here’s the original picture:

Not too shabby right?

You have Pig-Pen:

And, musically inclined Schroeder:

Snoopy rockin’ out on the guitar:

Sally and Linus (with crazy cakes hair):

Oh, and who could forget Frieda! (I’m Googling them now…):

Oh, and little 555 95472 (not making this up!):

With his sisters, 3 and 4:

Jeez, still not done! Finally, there’s Shermy:

And Violet, who looks sad but is just concentrating very hard on her killer dance moves…

This was such a neat set (and quite a bit of work!), I decided to pack it up all pretty and send it to someone special.

I’m in love with my hot pink boxes from BRP box shop…and the blue bow just does me in! Not traditional holiday colors, but it looks like cotton candy to me! Oh, and I realize that I’m totally defeating the purpose of the window box with the white tissue paper in there, but I had to mail this sucker, so it would have looked like just a package of bubble wrap. Which would be an odd, but intriguing present.

 Who is your favorite Peanuts character?