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Cookies & Cream Halloween Trifles by

I mentioned in my last post that we won’t be putting up our Halloween decorations this year. *insert sad face here*

So, I thought I would share with you a frightful tale involving our decorations last year. 

You see, I’m afraid of spiders. Quite afraid. Other bugs don’t bother me, and snakes don’t either. I did have a close encounter with a black widow as a kid and I think it scarred me.

So why we decided to be the “spider house” in the neighborhood is beyond me. I think I just liked the idea of spiders attacking the house and thought it would be fun!

Picture it: a lovely fall afternoon. Hubby and I are putting up our decorations. This basically means that I place a few spiderwebs here and there while he’s on the ladder or the garage roof doing all the “real” work. Like supervising isn’t “real work.”


To put up the “Happy Halloween” banner on the little roof over our front door, we have to balance a ladder on the landing, where the steps are. It’s not entirely safe, so I always hold the ladder while he’s working on the banner.

So, all is well, I’m holding the ladder, looking around since I’m starting to get bored since all I’m doing is…well…holding a ladder. All of a sudden, I get a strange, tingly feeling in the middle of my chest. I quickly look down…


What happens next is a blur. I’m sure there was a combination of screaming, frantic, crazy dancing, swatting, and running. All I know is that by the end of it, the spider was no where to be seen and I was out of breath. Perhaps the spider didn’t like us making a mockery of his kin?

Cookies & Cream Halloween Trifles by

I would have liked some of this trifle after all of that excitement! I made this after my gestational diabetes diagnosis, since it is really a small tweak/remake of my cookies and cream pudding, so I knew it tasted amazing. I may have had a small spoonful, you know, just in case. To be honest, if I had to pick one recipe from my blog to eat every day, this would be it. It is absolutely addictive.

And, now, it’s all dressed up for Halloween!