Project Description

Simple, simple, simple.

That was the mantra for these cookies.

Most of the them were inspired by outfits in the show. Except for Elphaba. Because she wears this:

Black, black, and more black (ok, some blue too).

There is nothing wrong with a black cookie, but I wanted to do something different.

I loved the idea of chevrons. The hard, sharp angles remind me of both her super structured wardrobe and her personality.

For Nessarose, Elphaba’s sister, the idea was more literal – I loved her vest-thingie here:

Oh, by the way, in the musical, Nessarose is in a wheelchair because she can’t walk. But in the very weird and very different original book (spoiler alert!), Nessarose doesn’t have arms. Which reminds me of the creepy zombies from the Walking Dead – you know, these guys:


It always goes back to zombies with me. Sorry about that.


  • Circle shaped sugar cookies
  • Green 15 second icing (or flood and outline if you’re not lazy like me!)
  • Black 15 second icing (same deal – flood and outline if you prefer)
  • Navy blue icing, flood and outline
  • White icing, outline
  • Pastry bags, couplers, #1 and #2 tips

For the Elphaba cookies:

1. Chevrons are deceptively difficult. If the pattern is off just a little, it is very┬ánoticeable! A Kopykake is a good solution, but they are super easy to do with a template! Just find a piece of chevron clipart – I used this fun treat bag I had lying around:

You can either print it on a study paper like cardstock or print it out and trace it onto a thin piece cardboard for extra durability.

Callye from Sugarbelle’s has some fabulous tips for creating chevron cookies!

2. Outline and flood one color set of chevrons. I chose green. Just ’cause. Let dry to avoid color bleeding.

3. Outline and flood the rest of the cookie.

You can use a toothpick to get sharper angles by pushing the icing into the corners.

For the Nessarose cookies:

1. Outline and flood a circle cookie with navy blue icing.

2. Following the pattern from her vest, I made different sets of wavy lines with the white icing.

  • Thicker white lines with a #2 tip
  • A set of two, thinner lines with a #1 tip

The lines from the original pattern were not perfectly symmetrical, so don’t stress about perfection. Just have fun with it!