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The foundation of the Game of Thrones story is the warring families and the struggle for power, influence, and wealth. For a fabulous explanation of all of the houses, check out this guide from HBO. While all of the families are important threads in the intricate fabric of Westeros, I decided to honor the three “main” houses:

House Stark. 

The influential house in snowy Winterfell. I’m fond of the Stark children, especially sisters Sansa and Arya. I’m excited to see where they end up at the end of this season.

House Lannister. 

The incredibly wealthy and corrupt family that currently rules Westeros. While the king holds the last name of Baratheon, it has been revealed that he is the result of incest between his mother and his uncle. **shudder** I do love Tyrion though, played by the amazing Peter Dinklage.

House Targaryen. 

This might be my favorite house. Probably because they have dragons. I’ve loved dragons for a long time – did anyone else read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher as a child? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, the main heroine of this house is Daenerys. She is badass. She has grown so much in the last season and I’m secretly rooting for her… despite my love for the Stark children.

Sorry House Baratheon, Tully, Arryn, Frey, Greyjoy, and Tyrell! But, the instructions below can be applied to any of the houses.

Here is how you can make your own Game of Thrones cookies! Choose your favorite houses, of course.


  • Circle shaped sugar cookies
  • Black icing (outline and flood)
  • Red icing (outline and flood)
  • Gold icing (outline and flood)
  • Grey icing (outline and flood)
  • Sheet protectors
  • Small paintbrush
  • Pastry bags, couplers, #1 and #2 tips

First, find your house’s symbol/motif/shield (I used ones from HBO’s house wallpapers). Resize it to fit on your cookie, print it out, and stick it in a sheet protector. Like this:

Grease up your sheet protector with shortening, vegetable oil, or butter. I used a #1 tip to pipe these, since the designs were rather small and intricate.

Here I have finished one of the direwolves. Do you see those lovely pointy edges on the fur? I used a toothpick to do that. Maybe if you have a smaller tip (like #0 or #00), you could use that, but the toothpick trick worked really well for me.

Now, do all of the rest of them:

Let it dry overnight. These suckers are super delicate, so better safe than sorry.

In the meantime, flood your circle cookies in the respective colors. I used a #2 tip.

After they dried, I thought the grey ones needed some “oomph.” I took a little bit of black gel food coloring and mixed it with a few drops of water in a small bowl.

I used Bridget’s method of making cute speckled eggs and decided to “speckle” my Stark cookies to give them a more rustic look. Basically, I dabbed my paintbrush in the color and used my finger to flick the bristles, coating my cookies in a nice, random pattern of dots and drips:

After everything was good and dry, I carefully picked up the royal icing transfers, used a #1 tip to pipe a little stiff royal icing to the back of the transfer, then gently pressed the transfer on my circle cookie. I had the most trouble with the Targaryen motif, with all of the small parts and thin lines. I only had one break though! A miracle, for sure.

When it is all said and done, you have these:

Do you have a favorite house? Tell me in the comments!

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