Project Description

Grumpy Cat Valentine's Day Cookies by Not Your Momma's Cookie

The internet belongs to cats.

LOL cats, Nyan Cat, Maru, I Can Haz Cheezburger, Hipster Kitty, Keyboard Cat, etc. Face it, dog lovers, the online realm is a smorgasbord of adorable, silly kitties.

Especially this one:


Unless you haven’t been online since 2012, you have seen pictures of this amazing kitty with her sourpuss expression, also known as Grumpy Cat.

You see, Grumpy Cat doesn’t enjoy most things.

Like, Christmas:

Grumpy Cat

Or Gotye:


Or even Valentine’s Day:


When I was invited to make geeky/nerdy cookies with a group of crazy talented cookiers, I knew I wanted to make another internet meme cookie. A reader had requested grumpy cat cookies and I thought Valentine’s Day was the purrfect time. Sorry, I won’t do that again.

Grumpy Cat Cookies by Not Your Momma's Cookie

These cookies were chock full of new techniques (to me). I had never created a mostly painted cookie before, and I used damp paint brushes to create grooves in the fur, which I guess is kind of like brush embroidery. It was fun to challenge myself!

Here they are all packaged up (box from BRP Box Shop – I’m in love with their fabulous hot pink boxes!):

Grumpy Cat Cookies by Not Your Momma's Cookie

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