Project Description

Getting an email from Sugarbelle inviting you to participate in a blog project with many of your blogging idols kind of feels like being asked to sit with the Plastics at lunch…

Except everyone is super supportive, talented, and sweet…so nothing like the Plastics, but you know what I mean. I’m so honored to be a part of this project with so many uber-creative ladies, women that I’m inspired by every day!

We all had to start with a simple pumpkin cutter and go from there. Can I just say that creative cookie cutter usage is not my forte? I thought, “Oh crap, what can I make out of a bulbous blob? Gotta think of something good. Can’t mess this one up. No pressure or anything, JUST ALL OF YOUR BLOGGING IDOLS THAT YOU’VE LOVED FOREVER WILL BE JUDGING YOU. Really, no pressure.” Once the rational part of my brain kicked in, I finally got to work.

It all started with a brain…

My husband loves zombies. He started loving them way before it was all cool and mainstream.

He forces me to watch any and all zombie related movies, from Night of the Living Dead to 28 Days Later.

He has this wonderful t-shirt that I assure you is not just a lounge-at-home, never-see-the-light-of-day-shirt, but one that he actually wears in public…

For his 30th birthday, I surprised him with a zombie birthday party:

And, a brain cake to boot:

So, when I started brainstorming with my available pumpkin cutters, I thought…

This one kind of looks like a brain!

But, you can’t have brains without zombies, so I used another pumpkin cutter…

…to make zombie girl silhouettes with Halloween colored bows and gaping, moaning mouths. Oh, and green eyelashes too!

I’ll be showing you how to make the zombie girls today – I’ll save the brain cookies for my next post to avoid tutorial overload!

Zombie Girl Silhouette Cookies



    • Pumpkin shaped cookies (the cutter I used works really well, since the stem makes a nice neck)
    • Purple and orange 20 second icing (or whatever color you want the bows to be!)
    • Green icing, outline and flood (I mixed together AmeriColor leaf green, electric green, and a tiny bit of black)
    • Black food writer
    • Sheet protector
    • Couplers, pastry bags, and #2 tips

1. Start by making the bows. I chose to make them ahead of time as royal icing transfers, but you can also pipe them directly onto the cookie if you prefer. If you need a bow template, find a piece of clipart that you like online and print several copies onto one sheet of paper, like this:

Slide the paper into the sheet protector. The sheet protector will hold the paper in place while you’re working. Grease the sheet protector with a little bit of shortening.

2. Using your 20 second icing, use a #2 tip to pipe a nice dot in the middle of your bow – don’t outline and flood, just apply pressure in the middle of the bow until a nice dot forms. 20 second icing will allow you to make a pretty, 3D dot that will not settle, but will be smooth. I love me some 20 second icing!

3. Allow the center dots to dry for about 1 hour, then come back and, using the same technique, create the rest of the bow.

You should let the transfers dry for several hours, preferable overnight, before removing them.

4. Outline the zombie girl silhouette with a #2 tip with green icing.

I sketched this design and then used a projector, but it would have been super easy to cut out the design onto a piece of thin cardboard and trace it directly onto the cookie with a food writer.

5. Flood with green icing. Immediately add a royal icing transfer bow, press down slightly.

6. Once the icing has dried, use a black food writer to create a couple stitches to add a little bit of interest.

Stay tuned for the braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain cookie tutorial coming up next!

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