Project Description

Olympic athletes train their entire lives to represent their country on the world stage. I’m sure everyone who is going to London feels so grateful and proud.

But, really, there is only one thing they’re all dreaming of…

Gold, baby!

These gold medal cookies are super easy, no royal icing required, and wearable! See?

My husband was kind enough to be the gold medal model. He’s a winner in my book! In fact, I took the liberty of assigning an event to each one for him. He deserves a gold medal in:

  • Song Making Upping (he serenades our cats on a regular basis)
  • Being an all-around smarty pants. He actually uses math every day, Like, real, calculator-worthy math. I still add with my fingers.
  • Board game patience (I’m a sore loser)
  • Embarrassing his wife with silly and weird t-shirts
  • Being an awesome husband

Now, onto the cookies! [fanfare]


  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough
  • Orange and lemon yellow food coloring (or your favorite mix to get gold)
  • Circle and small rectangle cookie cutters (no small rectangle cutter? No problem! Just use a pizza cutter or an exacto knife)
  • Tweezers
  • Purple ribbon (width depends on your cookie size – I used 7/8″. You can use a different color ribbon if you like, but the London Olympic medals have purple neck pieces)
  • Double sided tape

1. Start with a nice ball of dough. Knead in 10 parts lemon yellow and 2 parts orange to get a bright gold color.

I used 10 parts lemon yellow and 3 parts orange and I think it came out a little too orange-y. It’s up to you!

If your dough is too soft after kneading in the color (mine was!), put it in the fridge for 10 minutes so it will be easier to handle.

2. Roll out your dough and cut out the small rectangle:

Then, use the circle cutter to make one of the edges rounded.

After cutting out a regular circle, put the two together like this:

3. Now, I wanted to create a little slit for the ribbon to fit through. I didn’t have any tools/cutters that would work, so I used tweezers. First, I created horizontal notches:

Then, vertical:

Finally, I just “pinched” the dough out with the tweezers and cleaned up the edges.

4. Bake according to your recipe’s instructions. Let cool completely.

5. Cut pieces of ribbon for the necklace part. I used about a 2 foot piece of ribbon for each medal cookie. If you’re making these for kids, you can make them shorter. Thread the ribbon through the slit in the cookie and use a small piece of double sided tape to secure the two ends together.