Project Description

We’re home!

Even though we had an incredible time, we are so happy to be home. Nothing beats the attention of three love-starved kitties and sleeping in our own bed. Now it’s time for massive amounts of laundry and trying to sort through all of the pictures I took. Oh, and for “home sweet home” Virginia cookies too!

I don’t have any step-by-step pictures of these, but they are super simple. I had a Virginia cutter (but, of course, use your own home state!). I outlined and flooded them with some of the electric colors from AmeriColor. Piped on a little red heart and a sweet saying and you’re done! I didn’t even write the words with a food writer first – that would explain the “chicken scrawl” effect!

It makes them look more…homemade, right? Right? Right.

Stay tuned for a new theme week announced on Monday! Any plans for the weekend?