Project Description

Ice cream and cake belong together.

The combination reminds me of birthdays, which are the best days since you get to say, “But it’s my birthday” to any denial of your crazy requests, ALL of the presents are yours, and you get to gorge yourself on cake AND ice cream. And, it’s all ok, because it’s your birthday. No one can deny it.

While making my Olympic torch cake cones last week, I thought, “Hmm, adding ice cream might up the awesomeness factor.” Little did I know that I would stumble upon a truly fabulous treat. I bring you, the ice cream cake cone.

It starts like this:

Ok, that looks pretty good.

Go ahead, take a bite.


This fun dessert is like a trifle in a sugar cone. It combines a cake pop mixture (a combination of cake and frosting), a yummy filling, and ice cream on top. Mine here was chocolate cake pop mix, caramel filling, and vanilla/chocolate ice cream.

I made this incredibly detailed and sophisticated graphic for you.

Brought to you by Microsoft Paint. I’m obviously giving Hyperbole and a Half a run for her money. Anyway.

The possibilities are endless here! Between choosing the cake, frosting, filling, and ice cream flavors, you can create a truly unique flavor profile. How about…

…lemon cake pop mix, lemon curd filling, and strawberry ice cream?

…chocolate cake pop mix, Nutella filling, and rocky road ice cream?

…red velvet cake pop mix, caramel filling, and vanilla ice cream?

Tell me – what combination would you create?