Project Description

My husband and I play a lot of board and card games. So, when I was invited by the lovely Nicole at Sugar and Stitches to participate in a Game Night Blog Party, I thought long and hard about which one I would choose. Ultinately, I decided on something I haven’t played for many years, but was a big part of my childhood.


Magic: The Gathering!

Was I the only one who played this game? I remember going to the little comic book shop in town to pick up packs and packs of new cards. There were many late night games with my cousins and agonizing over building the perfect deck. For those who aren’t familiar with the game, there are different types of “mana,” which come from different types of lands.They are:

White: Plains

Blue: Islands

Black: Swamps

Red: Mountains

Green: Forests

Snow (all lands have a snow-covered version)

Want to make your own Magic: The Gathering cookies? Here’s what you do:


  • Circle shaped cookies
  • Blue icing (outline and flood)
  • Red icing (outline and flood)
  • Gray icing (outline and flood)
  • Green icing (outline and flood)
  • Black icing (outline and flood)
  • White icing (flood)
  • Food writers
  • Pastry bags, couplers, and #2 tips

First, outline and flood the cookies in the appropriate colors. Let dry overnight

Trace the design of your mana symbol. You can use a cardboard template, trace over the edges of the paper, or whatever method works best for you.

I chose to trace with a food writer in a color similar to the flooded icing, but since we’ll be tracing over eveyrthing with black icing, it doesn’t really matter what color you choose.

Now, pipe over your design with the black icing with a #2 tip (you will also use white icing to fill in the snow cookie).

Let dry.

Pretty nice, huh? I did have my first cratering incident though!

See those pesky little holes? Grr. Oh well, it’s just a cookie!

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