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Royal Baby Gender Reveal Cupcakes by

He’s here! He’s here! He’s finally here!!

royal baby

Not that I was glued to the TV watching the royal baby’s departure from the hospital live or anything…

Who am I kidding, I got up before the sun to watch the royal wedding – of course I wanted a glimpse at the new prince!

I already celebrated the royal baby fetus-style with my ultrasound cookies, but I wanted to make him a little something for his big arrival too. Of course, we didn’t know he was a “he” until the end, but royal gender reveal cupcakes seemed appropriate!

Royal Baby Gender Reveal Cupcakes by

I chose dark blue crowns perfect for a little prince, with a fancy damask liners (available here) and a royal purple icing. Perfect for a little prince!


Royal Baby Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Recipe Type: Cupcakes
Author: Jennifer
  • One box of white cake mix
  • Ingredients to prepare cake mix (typically eggs, water, and oil)
  • One can of white frosting
  • Purple and dark blue food coloring
  • Mini crown cookie cutter, or template to handcut
  • Cupcake liners
  • 1M tip for icing, optional
  • Sprinkles for garnish, optional
  1. [b]For a picture tutorial, click [url href=”” target=”_blank”]here[/url]. [/b]
  2. Prepare cake mix as directed. Divide batter into two bowls. Color the batter in one bowl dark blue.
  3. Grease an 8×8 pan. Spoon the dark blue batter into the pan. Bake as directed for 8×8 pans.
  4. Once the 8×8 pan has cooled, use a crown cookie cutter or template to cut out mini blue crowns.
  5. Line a muffin pan with cupcake liners. Place a small amount of uncolored batter in each liner. Place one crown in each cupcake liner, all facing the same direction. Scoop the uncolored batter all around and on top of the crown, so it is not visible. Bake as directed for your box mix (bake at the lower end of the cupcake cooking time). Cool.
  6. Frost with purple tinted icing (with 1M tip, if desired). Garnish with sprinkles, if desired. Makes approximately 12 cupcakes.