Project Description

Sometimes you’re going about your life, minding your own business, and then this happens:

Yeah, you get hit by a big, ‘ol school bus.

Can I just say that the first time I saw Mean Girls, I thought this part was a bit too silly, too unexpected? After watching it way more times than I would like to admit, I’ve come to love it because it is so unexpected, so over-the-top. Now, the movie wouldn’t be the same without this crazy, weird addition.

And, neither would my Mean Girls cookie platter!

I wanted my bus cookie to be HUGE. But, I was afraid that if I tried to bake a cookie that large, the edges would burn before the middle was done. Instead, I got the idea from the lovely Lizy B to use several smaller cookies iced together for the same effect. Here’s how I did it!


  • Four large, rectangle sugar cookies, freshly baked
  • White icing, outline and flood (lots of it!)
  • Black icing, outline
  • Yellow icing, flood (I got this yellow by combining electric yellow with lemon yellow and a bit of electric orange)
  • Grey icing, flood
  • Cake board, or a thin cardboard
  • Pastry bags, couplers, and #4 and #2 tips

1. As soon as you take the cookies out of the oven, immediately trim the sides with a knife or with the cookie cutter. You want them to fit together as perfectly as possible.Allow cookies to cool completely.

2. Arrange them all side by side and figure out the dimensions (this will vary depending on the size of your cookie cutter).

Using those measurements, cut a piece of cake board that is the exact same size and place the cookies on top.

This will act as the base for your cookies.

3. Take a knife and some un-thinned, uncolored royal icing (the heavy duty stuff!) and slather it onto the board underneath each cookie.

Also put a little bit on the edges of the cookie so that they will adhere to each other. Like this:

You want all of the cookies to be firmly attached to the cake board and to one another to make one, large cookie.

Allow to dry.

4. Outline the big cookie with white icing with a #4 tip.

Then, flood that bad boy!

I usually use a toothpick to smooth flooded icing, but that was definitely not going to cut it here. I just used an offset spatula to smooth things out.

This should absolutely dry overnight – that is a lot of icing!

5. Now, we’re finally ready to start piping that bus! (“Pipe that bus! Pipe that bus! Pipe that bus! – you know, from that home makeover show? Is that on anymore? I had to stop watching it because I would always end up a blubbering mess -I digress…)

Outline the basic bus shape with black icing and a #4 tip (draw it first with a food writer, if it helps you!).

Pipe the tires too.

Oh, and the little back bumper thingie (sorry, no picture! You can see it below).

I wanted the white icing to show through as the windows, so I piped the windows directly on the base (the little black notches are from my food writer to help me line everything up correctly).

6. Flood the cookie with the yellow icing, taking care around the windows.

Allow to dry for several hours.

7. Once the yellow icing is dry, use the black icing with a #2 tip to add some details and fill in the middle of the tires with gray icing.

I could have gone overboard with the details here, but I didn’t want any details to distract from the sheer size of the cookie!

Now, to unveil the completed Mean Girls cookie platter:

I LOVE IT. It is absolutely one of my favorites. Would Regina like it?

Oh my God, I love that cookie platter. Did you make it? So adorable. 

That is the ugliest f-ing cookie platter I’ve ever seen.