Project Description


Truth be told, I’m not a Hallmark-holiday hater. In fact, I’ll take just about any reason to celebrate if it means presents (or great food). Valentine’s Day, though, seems to be a rather brutal holiday. Asking someone to be your Valentine is serious business, the result of which could be incredible joy or crushing disappointment. And, then, there are the ubiquitous conversation hearts. You know – the chalky, sentimental, heart-shaped candies?

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They say cute things like “BE MINE,” “TRUE LOVE,” and “LETS KISS [sic]” (I guess proper punctuation is not romantic). But, what if that is not how you’re feeling? Whether it’s his awful hair, questionable hygiene, or habitual bodily functions, even tough love is needed on such a lovey-dovey holiday. The next time he asks you to be his Valentine, give him one of these instead:

They’re easy peasy to make too.

  • Heart shaped sugar cookies
  • Pink, purple, yellow and green icing (both piping and flooding consistency) – Or, any colors you want!
  • Dark reddish pink icing (piping consistency)
  • Your wicked sense of humor

Start with your naked cookies.

Outline in your various colors (I used a #2 tip).


Let them dry overnight before piping the letters, just to be safe. I used a #2 tip.

My piping skills definitely leave something to be desired – but I’m working on it!

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