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City of Bones Rune Cookies

It is time…


…for two worlds to collide…



I’ve already talked about my love for the Cassandra Clare book series The Mortal Instruments (I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the 6th book!). And tomorrow (!!!), dear readers, there will be a movie.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s the gist of it – Demons are real. And they’re nasty beasties. Shadowhunters are half-angel, half-human badasses that kill said demons to protect themselves and humankind. They use wand-like instruments called steles to “draw” runes into their skin to give themselves cool powers, like…

rune cookies 5


rune cookies3


City of Bones Rune Cookies

Clairvoyant Sight

rune cookies8

Angelic Power

rune cookies2


City of Bones Rune Cookies


City of Bones Rune Cookies


Which power would you choose?

I love making simple sugar cookies and these are as simple as it gets! One icing color (white), simple round cookies, painted on runes, and some splattering for good measure. Perfect for a City of Bones premiere shindig!