Project Description

My husband loves zombies. I’ve already told you that, I know.

So, naturally, we watch The Walking Dead TV show. I was pretty ambivalent about it at first…I mean, another zombie apocalypse, whoop de doo.

But, I have to admit, it is an excellent show. I think the video game is even better (even though my husband has to help me with the zombie-killin’ parts…which is kind of the whole game…)

Oh, and can Lori please have her baby already? What is it with AMC and seemingly endless pregnancies, a la Skyler White?

When I saw these fabulous Funko Pop Walking Dead figurines, I knew I had to make Rick into a cookie! Don’t mess with little Rick and his cute, button nose. Look at those eyebrows – he means business!

Walking Dead Cookies


  • Custom cut sugar cookies
  • Black icing, outline and flood
  • Brown icing, outline and flood
  • Skin colored icing to match Rick’s skin tone, outline and flood (Wilton’s copper food coloring is great for making light colored skin tones)
  • Yellow-y/tan icing, outline and flood
  • Gold luster dust
  • Vodka
  • Small paintbrush
  • Brown food writer pen
  • Couplers, pastry bags, #2 and #1 tips

1. Outline Rick’s hat and pants with the brown icing using a #2 tip (I used a #2 tip for all of the initial outlining). Flood immediately with brown icing.

2. Outline and flood Rick’s white with the yellow-y/tan icing.

3. Outline and flood Rick’s face and arms with the skin colored icing.

4. Outline and flood Rick’s shoes, gun, and belt with the black icing. Allow cookie to dry for several hours.

5. Add additional details:

  • Re-outline cookie with all colors with a #1 tip
  • Add belt buckle with yellow-y/tan icing with a #1 tip
  • Add finger lines and a cute button nose with skin colored icing and a #1 tip
  • Add gun details with black icing and a #1 tip
  • Add stars on Rick’s hat and shirt with the yellow-y/tan icing
  • Rick’s eyes with black icing

6. I wanted a couple more hours and then painted the gold luster dust mixed with vodka on Rick’s belt buckle and stars. I also added his grumpy eyebrows with a brown food writer.