Project Description

Who is your favorite character?

“A 3000-year-old vampire wants to suck my blood… must be Thursday!” 

“Your blood tastes like freedom, Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.”

“Sookie.” (if you watch the show, you will understand!)

“I’m going to beddy-bed, y’all bitches clean.”

“I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve seen enough dead bodies to last me a lifetime.”

I’ve already written a pretty detailed post on the basics of cake pops (including making hair), but here is some more information on making these in particular (all faces were drawn with an AmeriColor food writer – DON’T use Wilton – they will not work!):


  • Peachy-pink skin (equal parts white, yellow, and pink candy melts)
  • Blonde hair (mixture of peanut butter, yellow, and white candy melts – I think I used about 2 peanut butter melts for every three yellow and three white candy melts)
  • A piece of licorice for the ponytail holder
  • To create the ponytail, make a ponytail-shaped piece of cake and use a piece of toothpick to secure it to Sookie’s head. Then, add the hair – it will help secure the ponytail in place. For a food alternative to the toothpick, use a skinny pretzel rod. Here is a side view:


  • Pale skin (2-3 parts white candy melts to one part yellow candy melts and one part pink candy melts)
  • Blonde hair (same as Sookie)


  • Pale skin (same as Eric)
  • Dark brown hair (dark cocoa candy melts)
  • Don’t forget the sideburns!


  • Dark skin (2-3 parts dark cocoa candy melts to one part white candy melts)
  • Black hair (You can use black candy melts and keep building, but I used up some black fondant to make mohawk-ish hair; does he even have that hair anymore? It changes so often! I poked some holes in the fondant with a toothpick to give it more texture)


  • To get his collie dog ears, insert two sliced almonds into the cake ball head)
  • Peachy-pink skin (Same as Sookie – did you notice that I accidentely used the pale skin on my pop? Oops!)
  • Collie ears (peanut butter candy melts)
  • Light brown hair (use a mixture of dark cocoa candy melts and white candy melts, or add some peanut butter melts for a different look)

There were so many other characters I wanted to make – if only I was a vampire with unlimited time to make awesome cake pops! Fabulous desserts, for ever and ever.