Project Description

What do you think of when you hear the word, “vampire?”

Perhaps…Dracula, bats, and garlic?

Do you think of sparkling Edward, the Cullens, and Forks, Washington?

Image from Summit Entertainment

How about Louis, Lestat, and Claudia?

Image from Warner Brothers

Maybe even the Salvatore brothers…yum, yum.

Image from CW


Or, of course – our beloved Eric and Bill.

Images from HBO

There are so many different variations on the vampire story, but one thing remains pretty consistent…

Image from HBO


So, I put fangs on cookies (inspired by this wallpaper). Simple, right?


  • Round cookies (You can use other shapes if you like; I think the fang design would work for other cutters too)
  • Red icing (outline and flood)
  • Black icing (outline and flood)
  • Pastry bag, couplers, #2 tips
  • Cardboard template for fangs, if using

1. Using the template, draw the fangs on your cookies. Or freehand the design, if you like.

You can see that the horizontal line is not perfectly in the middle of the cookie. I did this on purpose (for once). I thought the cookie looked better and more proportional, with the fangs more centrally located.

2. I wanted to make two different style cookies, with the colors alternating. So, I piped the black first with a #2 tip…

Then, flooded them.


Played the waiting game, then outlined them again with red.

Then, flooded them again.

So easy, but so striking!

If you want to make the logo cookie, I just used a long, skinny rectangle and piped the logo directly onto the black flooded cookie.

So, what do you think of when you hear the word, “vampire”? I want to know!